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Should you Buy Ufone Smart U5a for Rs 7000?

We buy our Ufone Smart U5a for Rs.7000 so we would be able to answer you that. If you are one of ufone users and do not have an Android, then Absolutely, you can get one.

I have got my unit 5 days ago and I have been trying U5a under various loads and I have to say, I am very impressed. Full review is going to take a few more days to publish, but you view the video for performance and gaming on Smart U5a.

YouTube Video

ufone Smart U5a did not create the ripples like the first model Smart U5 since ufone did not deliver their promises and did a really bad job with U5. Smart U5a however is definitely a step on the right track.

Before moving ahead, remember we are talking about a Rs,7000 machine and not Rs.70,000 so do not mixed them up.

7,000 Pakistani Rupees for this ufone locked, 3G enabled Android Kitkat smartphone is not a bad deal with 1GB RAM, Quad-core processor, Adreno 305 GPU. 4-inch screen might be smaller for many users including myself. The manufacturer could easily fix a 4.3 inch display in this size and that would be more than desirable for consumers. I have used a 4.3 inch display on to same sized device and this .3 size in display made a huge difference in usability.

In other specs U5a have got a Front facing cam and 8MP Main camera with Flash. 4GB of total storage in which 2GB will be available to users after removing preinstalled apps. Proximity, light and accelerometer are given in sensors department.

I loved the performance of U5a. The first move of your finger tip on the screen will give you the sense of smoothness. I throw some nasty load on it and U5a tackled it well. Camera result is not something to talk about, it is very average.

One thing however seems either faulty or slow, same as Smart U5. The Accelerometer is not fine-tuned and takes some time in detecting the device's Tilt direction. In a fast paced game, that time is enough to crash you into something. Now I don't know if this is happening only in my unit or other users are experiencing the same.

On the built, it has better looks and feel over U5. U5a is slimmer but slightly larger. No more of the textured back that we have on U5, and I will miss that.

So Good Gaming, Good Video playback, Good Browsing, Good Smooth day to day phone and app functions, good connectivity options, doable camera and Flash seems to be a better than decent smartphone to buy for secondary or outdoor purpose in the price of Rs.7000.

Video to Play in Pakistan where YouTube is Block

Random Use of Microsoft Lumia 535, Touch, Games, Browser, Camera, Video

Random Use of Microsoft Lumia 535, Touch, Games, Browser, Camera, Video. Video also show the Reframe option to zoom any time.

Should you buy Microsoft Lumia 535 for RS. 14.250 in Pakistan?

Yes! We have got a Microsoft Lumia 535 so we could tell you all about it and try to answer the Most important question - should you buy it? And when we talk about WindowsPhone, there is one more question you might want to ask, but first thing first.

Microsoft Lumia 535, first Windows Phone to wear Microsoft's name as a brand is highly in advertisements. In PKR 14,250 Lumia 535 carries a Quad-core processor, 1GB ram, Adreno 302 GPU, 5inch Gorilla Glass 3, 5mp front and 5mp back camera with LED flash. Latest WindowsPhone version 8.1 with its latest update Denim are part of the deal, out of the box. This spec sheet is impressive for the price.

Mobilink is offering a very sweet deal for Lumia 535 and I just come across an installment package from a private company.

On other hand, since the day one, problem with Touch has been destroying Lumia 535's reputation despite the juicy guts. Microsoft acknowledged the issue and prepared an Update to Fix it.

The Touch Problem!
Now we have Lumia 535 in hands, we have been using it for some days now and we are NOT getting any touch trouble, thankfully. I thought my 535 was up-to-date out of the box, but that was not the case. Update took more than half an hour to download and install. Touch was fine before it, and it's been fine after. No more touch troubles in Lumia 535. See it in the Video yourself!

Overall Performance
Microsoft Lumia 535 is not an high-end smartphone so users of high-end devices will not be pleased. Having said that, Lumia 535 is a good combo of price and performance for mid-ranger smartphone consumer market.

Screen is great, with a large 5inch display; it is a massive handset but very light compare to Nokia X2. Very fine camera, both of them. However company decided to skip Zooming controls from default Camera app and I am determined to figure out why!

Ideal User Base
Lumia 535 is a good first pick for anyone to try what WindowsPhone is all about. Although I am enjoying the device and I feel at home with Tiles system but being an Android user, I need some Adjustments to make in this new environment. For example in Facebook there is no Chat Head for now. Facebook App is also old, which had limited Share options and I am not ok with it, but it is more of a Facebook problem than WindowsPhone and should be fixed with update from Facebook. In the meantime I am using the web version of Facebook.

For many folks I talked to, having no Call option in Facebook Messenger is the deal breaker. When will Facebook enable that option in their app I don't know but they better update that package sooner.

The gaming experience is enjoyable for me. Lumia 535 is not meant to play heavy games so just avoid installing heavy games. Some heavy games works well after reducing the graphics. I will be posting video of good games on YouTube so you might want to keep an eye on my YouTube feeds.

The Apps
Now if you are wondering the situation of Apps, I think the basic and most wanted apps are covered. I have been surfing the app store randomly just to read the names and nature of apps and I think the collection is not bad.

What bad is though for us Android users, many apps that I wanted are NOT free, and there is no other way to get them. Some apps got good alternates. For example I haven't got a working free MKV video player.

On the plus side, prices are not all that high.

Who Should Buy Lumia 535?
Considering all that, if you are new to smart phone world, or if you are getting tired of Android, or you want to know WindowsPhone OS, or you want a backup phone to leave at home for parents or to give it out to employees, Microsoft Lumia 535 could be an ideal investment.

I will be sharing my findings in WindowsPhone and Lumia 535 so stay inTouch247 and Feel free to ask me questions over
- Facebook
- Twitter
- YouTube
- in the comments

Custom Designed Handmade Car by Tauseef in Lahore, Pakistan

Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad TauseefThis uniquely custom car is handmade by Muhammad Tauseef, an engineer from Qasoor, Pakistan. The designs clues are taken from one of the toy cars available commonly in market and bring it to live within 2 and a half years, spending 11 Lakh Pakistan Rupees. Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad TauseefThis two-seater vehicle is equipped with some modern machinery inside and decorated with flashing lights. In a quick glace this well-made beautiful beast looks like a product of good Science Fiction. People at Lahore, Pakistan can see this master-piece on roads of Lahore. We wish more people, artists and engineers to come forward and put their efforts together to up-lift the trend of custom-made cars into Pakistan too. Source: Express News Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef Handmade Car in Pakistan by Muhammad Tauseef

Should you Buy UFone Smart U5

There was a line of people we saw in our almost an hour long stay at UFone center to buy UFone Smart U5 costs Rs.6000 and they didn't need our approval to avail this jaw dropping offer.

Ufone Smart U5 is the most affordable 3G (Qualcomm based) quad-core Android 4.3 smart phone and Ufone certainly smashed the competition with it. Smart U5's specs sheet is indeed nothing short of impressive numbers, but – there is a hidden but there too to consider this offer…

Full specs of Ufone Smart U5:

Processor: 1.2 GHz Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 + Adreno GPU 302 MHz
  • WCDMA & GSM Band:
    • GSM(850/900/1800/1900MHz)
    • WCDMA(900/ 2100MHz)
  • OS: Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean)
  • Size: 118.5 x 63 x 10.7 mm
  • Memory:
    • Integrated: ROM 4 GB
    • Integrated RAM: 512 MB
    • External: Expandable with Micro SD Up to 32 GB
  • Display
    • Screen Size: 4.0 inches WVGA IPS
    • Resolution: 480 x 800 Pixels
    • Touch panel: Capacitive Touch
  • Connectivity: GPRS, EDGE, HSPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm Mic and Stereo Headphone slot
  • GPS: Yes
  • Camera:
    • Rear Camera: 5.0 MP Auto Focus (CMOS Sensor),
    • Video Recorder: 720p @ 30 fps
    • Front Camera: 0.3 MP
  • Battery: 1450 mAh

What’s in the Package

  • Ufone Smart U5
  • Charger + USB Cable
  • Ear phones
  • Screen Protector
  • Warranty Card

3G, Price and "Quad-core" are the cards Ufone playing to seduce people into buying their exclusive Smart U5. But should you buy Smart U5?

The phone appears to be good as we repeatedly mentioned. Smart U5 is good on paper for sure except for 512mb ram. And for as long as you don't chock it with apps Smart U5 performed very decent. However As soon as I filled it with apps and games it literally started to chock on us. Apps start crashing, smooth transaction turned into seconds-long lag and what not.

From my personal experience of using various budget Androids, I believe Smart U5 has very strong hardware but the Android OS optimization is not up to the mark. In my guts I feel that KitKat update will turn U5 into much more powerful machine, which it meant to be.

Having said that, games that are able to run on the device runs smooth. Of course U5 will not run top quality games for one reason or another but the few games by now we checked was flawless. You are welcome to check the video.

Calling quality is superb, sound however from main speaker is not loud.

Despite "Built for Multitasking" tag, Smart U5 is failed to do so in effective way but as long as you do one thing at a time you are good with it.

Camera is not good at all for the indoor and flash barely make a difference in many cases. In day light camera produce acceptable result but do not look for any groundbreaking output.

So who should buy Smart U5 from Ufone?
It is confusing even for me to answer at this moment. I like it, and I don't like it but I am hoping to like it better after company provides Kitkat Update.

If you have an expensive and large Android and you do not feel safe to take it out with you, take Smart U5 as Backup phone for outdoor.

If you have never used an Android and wonder if this trend thing is for you or not, you can try it

After using Smart U5, I am not recommending it to my productive friends. I will be waiting for Android KitKat update. If you are a patience person, buy it and wait or any update from manufacturers to turn Smart U5 to its full potential.

Should you buy Nokia X for Rs. 13,800 Pakistani Rupees

Nokia X, we bought one and we are happy with it so naturally we want you to buy one too! And if you are still raising the same question, trust me we perfectly understand and we are here to answer.

There are 3 things I keep hearing about Nokia X.
1. It is expensive
2. It is not Android
3. There are not many apps in Nokia Store

Before going ahead, keep it in mind it is Nokia we are talking about and not a company that rebrand handsets from Chinese manufacturer and sale as their own.

Nokia is dealing with Android for the first time and for the sake of competition they did some minor changes in it that they will have to reconsider soon. On the hardware side I have no complains other than its heating issue and a Flash light (to use as torch) would have been nice (which is coming with Nokia XL).

Who should buy Nokia X
Nokia X will be ideal for you if you
- like and trust Nokia's durability
- are first time smartphone user and like to know what smartphones are capable of
- like to try the world of apps
- like to try casual games
- like to read ebooks
- want a beautiful and strong affordable Android phone
- want a simple secondary Android phone for outdoors
- want to do small emailing and simple documentation on-the-go
- like to stay active on social circle on-the-go
- like to take good quality picture for social network
- can live with occasional small lags

Who should not buy Nokia X
Nokia X is an affordable or budget Android smartphone. The specs are not close to be a mid-range Androids so you will find yourself complaining a lot if you:
- use very intense apps
- play very heavy games
- like to take great quality pictures
- do video Skype or video chat/video calls
- like to take selfies
- are heavy gmail user
- are too tied to Google apps

Back to the repetitive questions!

Is Nokia X expensive?
In market at Rs. 13,800 you will find Androids with better specs on the papers from other known and unknown brands. Most of the Chinese manufacturers use components that may match the Numbers but not in performance and durability. And this alone put Nokia ahead for providing uncompromised quality products that we can trust blindly.

Nokia X is no different in that matter. It is one beautiful smartphone. Look at it from any angle or hold it in hands, it just feels great. Nokia X is a finely finished and a premium quality product.

Nokia is using quality components and you can tell the difference only by using it.
- Touch screen is sensitive that you can use it with fingernails.
- GPS locking to your current location is a breeze.
- Same specs budget Androids lags in few games horribly where Nokia X played them better.
- Strong WiFi, I haven't try Bluetooth
- It is 3G enabled
- Proximity sensor and ambient sensor are available
- It will definitely have better resale value
- Full price covers warranty of complete accessories (from Advance Telecom Pakistan)
- And it is capable to run 75% of Android apps

Is it Android?
The words are in market that "Nokia X is not an Android".

It is the same Android but yes Nokia did change it to offer a more simpler User Experience, and they remove Google centric apps to add their own apps. And they listed it as Nokia X Platform in their spec-sheet, but it is almost every bit of Android.

Samsung, Sony, Huawei and HTC are using their own "Launcher" and their own set of apps and store along with Google's. But they made their Launchers similar to Android's and they did not remove Google Centric apps and they are not calling Android with a different name.

Nokia prioritize their own apps for users to utilize their services by removing Google apps, which I believe is a mistake and Nokia will have to find another way to co-exist with Google.

For a new user to Android, or to Smartphone I see no trouble for them to understand and adjust to the changes Nokia did in Android.

However if you are a regular Android user and try to use Nokia X as just another Android, it will not be a walk in the park and you might have a hard time going through its learning curves. I know I have!

Having said that, UI of Nokia X is very easy and straight forward, all of the apps will stay on the home screen and you can arrange it to your requirements. Swipe to left or right and you have all of your notifications. Nokia named it "FastLane". It is more of a Log of your usage.

Nokia, Android, Apps and Stores
Some of Asha and Symbian users have been showing concern for not having enough apps in Nokia Store. What they don't realize is that this Nokia Store is different and so is the OS. Unlike Asha or Symbian, developers across the world are creating all type of apps and games for Android very actively, and adding an Android app to Nokia's Android store is just as easy as uploading.

Nokia has also been kind enough to add 4 more reliable 3rd party Android stores full with apps for Androids.

In addition to that we can always side load an Android app from any source. 75% chances are that the app will run just fine!

Alternate to Nokia X
In Pakistan you will find an Android phones from Voice, QMobile, Huawei and Samsung between Rs. 9,500 to Rs 15,000 to compete with Nokia X in almost same spec line. Ask about quality alternate then I see Huawei Ascend Y300 as better alternate to Nokia X. Ascend Y300 is identical in basic specs and improved in camera and flash light department, also have front facing camera.

Run to the Brains in “Zombie Run”, an Android game by Pakistani Developers

Well, we all know zombies are great making humankind run for their lives, or brains to be specific. Zombies in our universe don't run at all, they know they are scarier when they are slow, silent, and creepy. But somewhere in an alternate universe the brains are on short supply and hungry zombies have to do the real running to get their daily brain doses first. They seem to run fast and are smarter than our zombies.

That universe is known as Zombie Run, created by Pakistani Android app developers Brain Logix. It is an interesting online multi-player game where up to 4 zombies can run for a brain. To claim your zombie in the start of the game you have to register for an account. There is an option to use Facebook login as well.

You cannot play this game if you are not connected to Internet!

Boxed secret powers are spread throughout racing course. Zombies picked the surprise weapon or power and use on their opponents to slow them down or to speed themselves up to outrun other zombies.

Game controller is consists on two buttons lays either sides of the screen. With right button your zombie will jump, which is another unique ability zombies of our universe don't have - gladly. The other button help you using the secret power you collected.

Just like any other race game, you are given choice of locations and at that screen you can interact your online opponents through given chat box. However I see no use of it due to the short time before race started.

From the shop you can buy faster and stronger zombies if you have enough brains to make the trade.

Tutorial introduced you to the harmful objects you might run into during the race.

How do I feel about the Game
I am not too much into this type of games so part of me like the game play. I repeatedly play several games in a series to see how long I can take it before I am bored of it. And it didn't take too long for me as expected.

Game has interesting start for sure. The graphics are done well, the racing course, planted hurdles and powers were nice touch indeed to keep game interesting for users, but for how long? That's one good question.

Personally I missed controlling the pace of my zombie. There should be a way to speed it up a few steps under my control and jumping could be it.

But that's just me. Try yourself by downloading it free, enjoy the racing zombies.


PTA and Islamic Countries Wasted Once-in-a Life-Time Opportunity with YouTube Case

I sincerely believe that PTA has a big hand in keeping all those hateful unwanted contents on YouTube, which we all want to remove from there very bad.

Shocking! Yes? How come PTA, who blocked YouTube in Pakistan, blocked every other possible method to go to YouTube in Pakistan is involved in such a shameful act!

Am I saying it out of hate? Am I up to create some conspiracy? It may sound like it but when you think about it with a cool mind, with will to truly solve the problem and to clean that dirt for good, you will agree with me.

Let me ask you if someone throw a mess in your home and everyone at your home close their eyes and ignore it, will that mess be cleaned all by itself? No. When you see it, then you will do something to clean it up. By closing your eyes that mess will not disappear, in fact it might be increase.

In YouTube case, this is exactly what we are doing by closing our eyes or by blocking ourselves out instead of fixing the problem.

Which country recorded the most intense reaction against those video clips? It was Pakistan, and in a way Pakistan is still trying to show their ^protest^ by keeping YouTube blocked strictly in the country long after a year and half. There are a large number of Internet users who stand strongly by the decision of blocking YouTube. So basically Pakistanis were and are one of the nations who wanted those videos gone.

Unfortunately, our methods were extremely wrong, and extremely violent, hence it was wasted.

PTA has great resources; unfortunately they lack sensibility to deal with these issues more effectively. Blocking YouTube in one small country is doing more damage than solving the real problem. I have been saying this since the moment I learn my access to YouTube has been blocked, and now that it is over a year and half; it is clear - it was a useless action, or reaction. It was a self destructive move PTA made and the nation is paying the price while the dirt stays online and spreading.

There were two most effective methods to solve the problem.
1. PTA should communicate with other Muslim countries and they all should be agreed upon blocking YouTube TOGETHER. Not just 2 or 3 countries but as many Muslim countries as possible, with the clear message why it was blocked through a legal process with logical explanation.

That step should put Google under a serious pressure when a large part of worldwide web traffic stop going to their website. 1 or 2 countries cannot damage them the way we Pakistanis over PTA were thinking.

2. Second option would be more beneficial: PTA should take a lead in guiding Muslim users across the world including Muslims of Pakistan of course; to Report those contents using YouTube's report link, without recording any other action or feedback. Just a thumb down and filing a report - period.

PTA should also arrange or at least guide Muslim content creators to prepare video contents about why Muslims respects our Holy Personalities, why those contents are harmful for world Peace and in spreading hate among mankind. Why those videos should not be online.

It was a great opportunity for us Muslims to show what Peace meant for us, what Islam is all about, but unfortunately none of such campaign raise on a global scale to show peaceful side of Islam. Instead we showed how much violent people we are that we damaged our own properties, we spilled blood of our own people. We showed the world why they are right to ^contain^ us and eliminate us. We humiliate ourselves; we disgraced our religion of Peace. And we still blame others instead of fixing our own attitude.

When thousands and millions of users would report those contents (without making an ugliest mess) YouTube or Google authorities might have looked at this whole thing differently. Result could have been different.

Instead what we did, what PTA did is, blindfolded us from seeing the dirt and pretended they are done with their responsibility. Where in reality the dirt continue to spread openly throughout the world. And just because we cannot see it, we cannot talk about it, we forget about it yet those things are there for everyone to watch!

So yes, I blame PTA, I blame well known Islamic scholars and so-called Muslim experts sitting on top positions, which are failed to do anything to resolve it the way it should be - AGAIN.

Nokia - Ready to Touch Android Territory with Nokia X

Updates: All You Need to know about Nokia X, X+ and XL is at intouch247.net/nokia-x

Now that Nokia X, the first serious attempt from Nokia in the land of Android is only few days away to show off officially at MWC 2014, both excitement and questions from Nokia fans and tech lovers are raising.

Questions like why is Android so important for Nokia and/or for Microsoft? And why not attempting a high-end Android? In simple straight forward words - to survive the market competition without compromising high-end Lumia territory.

Update: According to new rumors, Nokia is to working on mid-end/high-end Android devices too but they will come later.

Nokia X is for low-end smartphone market, to stand against budget Android and other upcoming competition in that zone. But the current threat is the growing use of budget Androids in markets that matters.

The days are gone when budget Android phones suck the fun and life out of mobile users. Today's budget Android smart phones are worth owing because they don't suck anymore. Just to be clear I am not talking about Moto G budget, I am talking about China-made budget Androids that cost a lot less than a hundred dollars. They too have become very capable and most importantly they are priced lower than Nokia's lowest of Asha.

Budget Lumia and Asha are doing well in sales but it clearly isn't good enough. Lumia (or WindowsPhone) will success eventually but Lumia is not for low-end smart phones market and will never be.

The market Nokia is targeting with Asha is leaning back to new budget Androids. Those are the consumers switching either from feature phones or taking them to use as a secondary phone. Mobiles with Android Jellybean powered by dual core processor works very well without making users' life a hell like it used to several months ago. And why Android? Because Android packs a lot more attraction for consumers than Asha for the same or less price.

Companies like MicroMax sidelined big brands including Nokia and Samsung in India using that said attraction. Same trend has been happening in Pakistan by QMobile and Voice.

In Pakistan the lowest of Asha 500 is available for 8,000 Pakistani Rupees. In contrast a very capable dual-core Android phone cost 7,000 pkr. Prices of Asha 502 and 503 are above 10,500 pkr and in that price range even better Android phones are available that can play games like GTA.

I myself had to replace Asha 501 to a budget Android for 2 things. Price and productivity tools/apps. And I am very satisfied.

In short it is easier for young and new mobile users to ditch either budget Nokia Lumia or Asha for something ^better^ and ^cheaper^.

But are these budget Androids are as durable as Nokia? No. Are their build is as supreme as Nokias? Not always. Are their camera is as powerful as Nokias? Of course not. Are their resale value is as beneficial as Nokias? No. Are their touch screen as sensitive and fast as Nokias? Not at all. And these are the things that can help Nokia to win low-end smartphone consumers back.

Come back to price and Nokia's Android, rumored price of the first Android from Nokia is 110$, and it may go to sale for around 12,000 Pakistani rupees. Will that price do Nokia any good against Androids coming to 10,000 pkr? I think it should with the right advertising message.

Only draw back for Nokia X left is the apps. Lack of access to Play Store can give Nokia a hard time but luckily developers might not have to spend too much of extra efforts in getting their apps on to the new store.

To success, Nokia have to get this product 99% right to gain the consumers' trust. Nokia X better not be a beta test device for their sake and deliver best possible experience for the price.

Should you buy Voice Xtreme V10 for Rs. 7,300

Xtreme V10 is not made for everyone, and it is a shame since with slightest improvement it can be an ideal smart phone for just about everyone. But for Rs. 7,300 it is an Android smartphone that can perform very well.

What is good about Xterme V10? Size and price.

I have been avoiding low-spec Android phones after seeing their performances in past. But as technology improved and costs are cut down, today's low-spec Android improved significantly. I had to change my mind after experiencing improvements in hardware and software in these low-spec phones.

Voice V10 is a small set, and I have repeatedly said that it is perfect for pocket and for one hand use when you are on the go. 3.5inch IPS display is large enough to get some works done, to watch movie clips or even entire movie and read documents or websites, but small enough to set perfectly in any pocket, and operate with hand.

Price is less, so are the specs but dual core processor on a smaller screen can get you enough drive force to work on most of the apps, even many of the games run smooth compare to other similar devices from past.

Voice Xtreme V10 is not for you if:

Having said that, Xtreme V10 is not for you:
If you like to play Big games.
If you want to shift most of your office works on mobile.
If you are in heavy web browsing
If you like to use every new apps in Play Store
If you want to be a creative photographer using V10's camera

Voice Xtreme V10 is good for you if:

If you are thinking to try an acceptable Android experience for lowest possible price
If you are tight on budget and still want a smart phone
If you already have an expensive Android tablet or smart phone but you do not want to risk taking it out, V10 can be an outdoor phone

You can buy V10 because V10 is capable enough to handle tasks like some games, several apps, good call and texting, emails, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, songs, movies and capturing pictures and videos.

256mb Ram is primary reason why Xtreme V10 can let you down. But if you are thinking to taste Android mobiles for the first time and not willing to pay in 5 digits, V10 is ideal to start.

Better Option?

There is one another model in the line - Xtreme V20. With 512ram and 4gb storage the handset is better option for people who want more then basic of Android benefits and larger 4inch display cost Rs. 9,500.